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Course Planning
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Course Planning

Are you struggling with what courses to pick for your student? Are you curious about what courses actually entail? Would you like to learn more about how your child can obtain high school or college credits while in school? Would you like to learn more about how your child can graduate with their first 2 years of college taken care of, while in high school? 

EnlightenEd Consulting will ensure that your child is set up for success by having crucial conversations with you, and your child, about what is in store for them while they are in middle/high school so that they are choosing classes that are appropriate for them and post-secondary interests. 

At the end of individualized session(s) your child will have an outline of a course plan for the next few years. A fuller understanding of the courses that they are taking and how they may build on one another.  You, and your child, will walk away with an understanding of how to ensure your child is getting the most out of their educational experience.

College and Career

College & Career Coaching 

Is your high school student is struggling to determine their next step after graduation? Do you feel that your junior or senior is in need to some help with determining the best direction for them?  If so, college/career coaching may be a great first step.


EnlightenEd consultants will work with you and your student to develop a comprehensive plan with several options for next steps for post-secondary success. 

Services can include: 

  • Interviews and discussions (with you and your student) 

  • Supports available at different campuses or programs to meet specific needs (i.e. learning disabilities, physical challenges, mental health needs, etc.)

  • A comprehensive plan to support them in their next steps including:

    • Up to 3 Suggestions for schools or programs in their identified areas of interest 

    • Scholarships, grants, or other funding opportunities

    • Dates of enrollment, deadlines for scholarships, and other key dates to be aware of 

    • Key individuals to contact 

Follow up sessions available upon request to ensure that your child remains on track and continues to be confident in their next steps for success. 

Graduation Ceremony
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