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EnlightenEd Training

Do you strive to inspire more empathy, equity, and understanding regarding mental and behavioral health to your organization?


EnlightenEd Consulting provides a variety of services to help develop, implement, and sustain policies, practices, and resources in schools and organizations. 

Trainings can be provided in person and remotely.

Training is available for parents, businesses, daycares, schools, churches, medical facilities, and more on various topics including high incidence disabilities, such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc., best practices, building support, designing an inclusive environment, and more. 


  Additional training opportunities are available for businesses who employ or wish to be more inclusive for neurodiverse individuals. 


Training for parents can also include topics such as understanding your rights, your child’s rights, how to read your educational plan (IEP, 504, or RtI), and guidance on what to ask for and how to communicate with the school. 

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