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EnlightenEd Advocacy

​At EnlightenEd we believe that mental and behavioral is non-negotiable. No one is alone in this journey, and it is important that we all work together to ensure equitable access and resources. 

All neurodivergent (special education, 504, RtI, behavioral challenges, mental health, etc.) individuals deserve the best possible plan and wrap around support to ensure strong accomplishments, achievements, and enjoyment of school. The most essential elements for overall success lie in highly trained, solution-oriented leaders, care givers, and individuals who create a community focused on supporting success both in deed and word.

 With more than a 90% success rate, successful outcomes for clients are our main focus. Our consultants have advocated, with triumphant outcomes, nationally and in over 20 school districts. 

Services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client.  Work is done collaboratively throughout the entire process to advocate for the student and their success.

  • Private Ongoing Consultation 
  • Complete Record and Evaluation Review

  • Action Plan Preparation for IEPs, 504s, and other meetings

  • Attend parent teacher conferences 

  • Drafting of  Goals, BIPs, and Accommodations

  • Work Collaboratively with Schools 

  • Attend IEP/504/RtI meetings

  • Guest Speaking engagements to organizations or parent groups 

  • Drafting of documents (per request)

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Why hire an advocate?
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